Taobao seize the buyers and sellers need to borrow the data charges to find new purse

in the outside world questioned the profit model of e-commerce, Taobao to the seller, the upstream vendors to provide trading data practices, from a side to do a response. Yesterday, the online shopping platform Taobao officially open to the world, although Taobao said “not to set the business income index”, but the demand for the core data of the seller, the upstream vendors in the business process, that has a huge data resources Taobao profitability is difficult.

Taobao paid open data platform

Taobao aspects, the opening of the data is to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses in the premise of data, multi-level open. In addition to the original data provided to consumers free of charge, apply to the seller’s industry analysis data is open to business, that is, charge. The data cube charges currently Taobao launched 300 yuan / month.

There are two kinds of data in

‘s open business. One is through the Taobao data cube platform, businesses can obtain the macro situation own brand market conditions and consumer behavior etc., but cannot obtain competitor data; the second is through the cooperation of third party research institutions, businesses can access the service directly to the research institutions.

The general manager of Taobao

business platform division Yu CE says, this is the extension of open data open platform, the future of e-commerce core competitive advantage comes from the interpretation of the data and the data changes with the rapid response capability, open Taobao data can establish e-commerce effectively help enterprises core competitive advantage.

Analysys International Senior Analyst Cao Fei view, data released by Taobao to help guide the shop’s business and brand manufacturers to optimize production and marketing strategy. Wang is president of the Advisory Lv Bowang believes that due to the current Taobao China occupy 75% of the share of online shopping transactions, and consumer groups has a wind vane, so the channel sales and marketing decision of enterprise under the line of reference.

sellers look forward to sharing more core information

Taobao open data is not only helpful to guide the operation of the store, but also help upstream manufacturers to optimize production and marketing strategies, and the data provided by Taobao will cover the commodity circulation chain more upstream link.

Yu CE revealed in an interview with reporters, Taobao launched the product charge data cube is expected to have developed very fast, in the products listed in the forum survey, nearly 10000 users will buy the business reply response.

industry analysis data is a good source of information, we can better understand the customer’s spending habits, and market segments, the industry will be more intuitive judgment, clear.” Responsible person said in an enterprise’s Taobao sales, Taobao digital cube, hope to get more sales peers and software processing, the use of cash inventory system.

like the network, other sellers also have higher expectations of open data. A well-known female network said, industry data and enterprise information more segments they want to be.