A hospital eleven WeChat promotional activities planning (O2O)

look at “double eleven” is coming, this is named “singles day” day, and for our hospital to do a targeted promotional activities, to expand our hospital market, and help the development of marketing business.

theme: “male singles, do good man

this activity mainly around the prostate, impotence and premature ejaculation, dead sperm infertility, kidney asthenia and oligospermia etc., and the name of “free inspection and preferential examination” launched.


two data preparation

in order to ensure the unity of publicity activities, to ensure the effectiveness of publicity, the need for detailed preparation of relevant information.

1 and four are special, prostate, impotence and premature ejaculation, infertility, kidney asthenia oligospermia sperm death theme, for WeChat and other media push these at the same time can also be used for landing page.

2 design more than 100 phrase push information for WeChat, micro-blog, QQ and other media push, the number of words in the 100-200. These phrases with jokes or right now the best properties of social hot spots, can cause the user’s attention and watch, to improve the efficiency of marketing information diffusion. If you can match the corresponding cartoon pictures, the effect is better.

3 line brochures and promotional materials, should highlight the prominent position of our promotional information, and pay more attention to WeChat discount service.

three specific implementation

intensive implementation of promotional activities from 10.28 to 11.11

buy 1 Beijing area men between the ages of 18-60 mobile phone number 100 thousand, to arrange the employee into the corresponding mobile phone, as long as the consent of the other party for WeChat friends, will push 1 for information and 1 promotion information. Repeat sending.

2 since the 11.3 day, every 3 days, 100 thousand cell phone number sent a message.

3 to build or join the Beijing region of the male dominated QQ group, since the date of the 11.1 day to each group to send advertising 1-3 times (and ultimately should be based on the construction of their own group)

4 the number of public hospitals and various micro signal, every day in the release of information from the media “entrainment” promotions at least 3 times (early and late).

5 all concerned about the micro signal of the hospital to enjoy a full set of male health examination of 29 yuan (prostate, renal function, sexual function, infertility, etc.)

6 arrangements for the reception of the reception staff transformation

four cost inputs and target

1 cost

in addition to labor, the cost of direct current is the cost of the purchase of mobile phone data. Other expenses such as offline promotional materials are necessary for the promotion of the normal market