Shanghai webmaster gathering and Shanghai webmaster association was formally established


      in June 30th, the third meeting of the Shanghai master held as scheduled, the head of the 102 operators and Internet companies to participate in the party. The meeting was sponsored by Tai Chi Union, vigorously support and co organized by China domain network, know the marketing planning agencies. Meet the results achieved expectations, participants and guests on the five themes of interactive communication.

      at this gathering, the promoters of the Shanghai webmaster Association announced the official establishment of the Shanghai association! In front of the 102 candidates, plus new and Mr. Wang Chenyun opened a mysterious red yarn – to the participants to show the latest identified association logo. The starry piano Nets’s chief operating officer, Mr. Ceng Jigui as the representative of Shanghai to the owners, owners association was formally established by association, hope to do better more, also hope that the webmaster website yuebanyuehao.

      host Tai Chi Union on behalf of Mr. Gao Chengjie on how to do a good job of online advertising theme. Mr. Gao gave a modest speech for less than 10 minutes. Mr. Gao to give more time to the webmaster, said to participate in the webmaster meeting is to listen to the idea of the webmaster, Tai Chi will be in the future work can be improved.

      Chinese outac Wang Chenyun titled “development and the pattern of individual website stationmaster” speech. Wang Chenyun believes that the development direction of personal websites in the Internet for 10 years, and did not change the nature. Regionalization and specialization (specialization and industrialization), is still the development direction of personal webmaster website. It puts forward a number of feasible ways to make a profit, such as B2C services, or fee membership fees, etc.. SP era has passed, a station pull advertising capacity is limited, when the so-called flow of more and more valuable occasion, a station should seize the effective flow, and the transformation of practical benefits, and can not blindly pursue traffic. The best part of Wang Chenyun’s speech is about the idea of “one station strategy and tactics”. The station is different, perhaps with its Internet values. There are new Adsense questions: the construction of an industry website is an important technology, or an important understanding of traditional industries. Wang Chenyun gives the answer: the perception of the traditional industry is more important.

      Huang Qiang, who is a free network group purchase (now known as one of the founders of the fence net), is currently on family life video and picture sharing websites reed network business. Huang Qiang’s speech is more modest, but when entering the interactive link, many webmaster to the very special operation strategy of the yellow, strong showing a rich experience, and “tit for tat” to put forward their own views, won applause from the scene of the battle array.