Oriental popular refinancing $40 million to deny Lasafo emergency funds


, Sequoia Capital in the investment business website smoothly on the NYSE before Sequoia Capital and its investment in the electricity supplier website LAFONT network to pull the two heavyweight investment in broadband and fund. Two investors in the eastern part of the group’s total investment of $40 million B round of investment. Huaxing capital served as financial advisor in this round of financing. Not long ago, the Renaissance is also served with potatoes Youku merger case financial adviser.

public information display, the Oriental fashion group is a famous TV producer, the founder of the new media company Li Jing founded in 2008, Sequoia Capital investment. At present, there are three sections: one is under the Dongfeng popular media business, mainly for TV program production, products include “super visit”, “beautiful bride”, “very quiet distance” and other programs; two is the cosmetics B2C Lasafo; three is its own brand of cosmetics is static, have five series 2000 a variety of products.

investor responsible person to accept the securities daily interview, said the investment is optimistic about its strategic architecture and operating mode. It is reported that the main purpose of financing the pen is Le bee network. Although it is generally believed that the burn based electricity supplier website has been stretched in the capital, but Lasafo said that the capital chain does not need to be “emergency arena”.

financing for research and development and storage

vice president of Oriental fashion group, Lasafo CEO Wang Licheng said in an interview, the financing will first be used to create a quiet good brand cosmetics large-scale R & D center, which will be the future focus of the business strategy of Oriental popular media. Oriental fashion to the cosmetics industry “China brain”, the core value link of the industrial chain of control, and the corresponding funds will also be used to recruit related R & D personnel; secondly, the Oriental fashion future will use the financing large-scale expansion of storage system, and ultimately the formation of network storage center corresponds with the national administrative pattern of regional, regional to build the market products circulation expressway.

Wang Licheng also said that with the gradual escalation of the operating system, the establishment of a national brand franchise system is also good in the plan, this is another important project financing support.

single model electricity supplier is no longer favored

was affected by the macroeconomic outlook is not clear, exit channels are sluggish and industry interior modulation, the first quarter of this year, the PE/VC market plummeted, regardless of fund-raising, investment or exit, year and sequential data showed a significant decline.

in the winter capital under the background of the Oriental popular successfully completed the second round of financing, obviously has its originality. 2008 Sequoia Capital from the first round of private financing for the development of the East has played a significant role in promoting the development of the past few years, the efforts of the business layer, the East has gradually formed a very popular strategic framework. At present, its three important platforms: media companies, cosmetics brands – Jing Jia, cosmetics electronic business platform – Le bee >