Legg Malatang joined the process

China is a wonderful country, Xiao Bian think can fully reflect this is in China’s food culture. Take the Malatang, Malatang, Sichuan and Chongqing is the most distinctive, but also the most representative ” ” Sichuan; a special snack. Large and small shops, stalls Malatang, throughout the high streets and back lanes is a bright and beautiful scenery, Sichuan and Chongqing city. Malatang is Sichuan folk snacks, is the crystallization of wisdom of many people.

in fact, the essence of Malatang is not boiled, but in soup. It is with the decoction for more than seven days, the date of the first spices wrapped in cloth in the meantime, Xiang, induced to be boiling kettle, eggs, and various ingredients in pill pot boiled the speed, turn into the seven or eight mature, that is picked up, and then take the spoon mashed garlic ginger Mozuo, sprinkle with sesame seeds in the above, a bowl of color, aroma and taste of the finest taste made an inviting. Malatang seems more tender, smell aroma, taste hot gas is intensified, until enough, had to look helplessly hot men, having abandoned.

produced Malatang, is actually simple, vegetables, fish, or meat, whether or not it is coherent, worn thin sticks, altogether promoting high temperature, real slow. Did not pay attention to what the cooking process, so they are rough mix together, with each other’s taste, again also cannot be separated. As the world, beautiful or ugly, fat, thin, tall, short, good and bad, red, green, blue, purple, black and white; Emperor, and all walks of people, all kinds of small tradesmen and porters together in together, slowly fusion, mutual do you have me, I have you, penetration, and finally turned into hemp, hot, fresh and cool, and delicious, these irrelevant ingredients, but form a harmonious whole, into their stomachs, gourmands hearts and memories.

in the damp and foggy climate in Sichuan, years of toil and the boatman trackers, built a stove, pots, materials, pull a few wild herbs, add pepper, pepper and other spices, Shabu hot food. Can eat, but also cold, dampness. The cooking food Shabu custom is followed, developed into today we often see the Malatang in high streets and back lanes. How to join Leigh Malatang?

was Malatang joining process

1, looking for the store. Condition: the store location in a mature business district or larger traffic area; area 60 square meters above requirements, find the store with the landlord before signing the contract, made contact with the company.

Evaluation of

2 company’s marketing department store, (to be photographed to lease shops and stores near the business district photos back to the company), can be assessed by joining (>