Huangyuan youth entrepreneurship pedestrian street opened the door

days ago, a total investment of 17 million yuan Huangyuan County youth entrepreneurship Street official business. Huangyuan County youth entrepreneurship street built operations for the local youth employment to build a good platform for entrepreneurship.

Huangyuan County youth entrepreneurship walking street 270 meters in length, divided into the East and West on the street, a total of 115 shops opened, there are now settled in the business of 105 households, the prospects for development is gratifying. In this pedestrian street in addition to clothing, shoes and hats, department stores, snacks, beauty, barber shops, as well as music clubs, professional flower shop and other industries. Yang Fuqiang, a graduate of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, is a member of the youth entrepreneurship street. Yang Fuqiang said that he opened a wedding shop in the youth entrepreneurship street, this street is basically his age of college students in entrepreneurship. Now, the government vigorously promote college students entrepreneurship, Huangyuan County Employment Bureau also provides subsidies for the 3000 yuan of funds, with the support of the government and the community, I believe the future will be more prosperous business. In order to encourage the majority of young people to actively entrepreneurship, Huangyuan county government departments for young entrepreneurs settled in the streets of young entrepreneurs to provide venture capital, timely solution to the difficulties encountered in the process of funding shortage. Communist Youth League Huangyuan county Party committee will also serve the youth entrepreneurship and employment as an important task, to lower the threshold for young entrepreneurs, build entrepreneurial platform, and provide some help in terms of life and psychology. (author: Zhao Junjie Zhang Haijing)