shlf1314 AdSense’s proper delivery skillsWhat is the background to this porn Qihoo!


porn?Our little

illegal “sexual medicine” advertisement refers to illegal drugs containing vulgar contents such as sexual life and sexual suggestion, such as health food, disinfection products and sexual simulation equipment.

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forum if you put pictures, supervisor directly fined..

is regulation also targeted,

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

Qihoo in order to attract traffic, regardless of the site to the interests of the media hype! Porn, let us do it very difficult, large companies can put

the Central Propaganda Department, the Information Office of the State Council, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of supervision, the State Council office, Ministry of health, Ministry of industry and Information Department of the Central Committee and the State Council 12 days ago held a special ad third plenary meeting of the inter ministerial joint meeting decided that from now until next year before the Spring Festival, to carry out a rectification of illegal “drug advertising and STD treatment advertising special action in the country. The existing advertising regulatory laws and regulations extending to the regulatory governance of Internet advertising, and resolutely ban and ban illegal online” drug advertising and advertising “treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

, look at the notice from my space dealer:


look at the ads he’s offering! More and more porn!

, as long as carefully read the GG policy, should pay attention to these AdSense characteristics. The fourth is someone else’s research, it will help you.

1, when choosing a color template for your AdSense advertising, hold down the Shift key you can choose up to 4 colors. Using this code, you can randomly display AdSense ads in these four different templates in your web pages.

2, if you do not want to display ads AdSense on their website, can choose instead of public service advertising pictures in advertising alternative ads web site or web page or color, color is 16 hexadecimal encoding.

3, folding advertising unit is an advanced function optional alternative advertising. If there is no targeted advertisement, the folding ad unit code will be ” fold ” your ad unit and avoid taking up Web space. This reduces the amount of space that will appear when using alternate colors.

4, according to the study, the limit of shlf1314 can grab the page file is 101Kb, exceed this limit, shlf1314 no longer read. For example: Sina’s home page file size is 236Kb, and shlf1314 can grab only 101KB, that is, more than 50% of the contents of the Sina home page is not shlf1314 crawl. poor Sina, in shlf1314’s eyes are not even Copyright: a in addition, there are a large number of comments on some blog sites, if the page size has exceeded 101KB, you send more comments is of no use.

strong Qihoo!

, this is obvious inequality!