Electronic CommerceRaised 5 billion large sums of money, entrepreneurship, back to sports Deng Ya Pi

“now it’s micro-blog, isn’t it a bit out?” during the Olympics, Deng Ya Ping opened micro-blog and immediately sparked a heated debate. As of now, her already has nearly 210 thousand fans.

The failure of

compared with the brilliant career, Deng Ya Ping after retirement, once controversial. In 2013, people’s immediate search was reorganized and liquidated, and there were rumors on the web that it had lost $2 billion, while Deng Ya Ping, the CEO, was largely responsible.

in micro-blog Deng Ya Ping’s public favorability is significantly improved, dubbed the “original eye devil” she often questions answered on table tennis players, such as “why to bat halitus” and “horizontal right grip” etc..

“light 2 billion” rumor was finally confirmed as the face of doubts and accusations of It is sheer fiction., netizens, domineering Deng Ya Ping also responded: “fair mind, rumors will burst.”

has the local government escort, enter the sports industry Deng Ya Ping, this time will how to prove themselves?.

Deng Ya Ping’s career in sport perfectly explains what “invincibility is so lonely””.

, the 18 world champion, the first Chinese women’s Grand Slam winner of the table tennis, ranked first in the world in 8 years……

‘s return to sport is a completely new

open micro-blog, play variety, to save the public image

may be in order to get rid of the stereotype of the public eye, Deng Ya Ping in June this year after leaving the people’s daily, began to appear frequently in television. She participated in the TV program, VC commentary Table Tennis Super League, even with her husband performing comedy sketch partner.

Deng Ya Ping has been away from the people’s daily for nearly half a year. During this time, she not only opened micro-blog, participated in many stalls variety show, but also joined the investors to plunge into the tide of sports entrepreneurship.

Deng Ya Ping micro-blog screenshot


e-commerce is parked goods, using the online fashionable saying is a turtle. Electronic commerce to Chinese fell, the city surrounded by rural people’s war, a vast expanse of water. This is so, because I first saw the electronic commerce to make money, is a flower. In order to understand the problems of China’s e-commerce, I reread Comrade Xiaoping’s theoretical article on building socialism with Chinese characteristics, as well as Chairman Mao’s writings on Encircling Cities in rural areas. Let’s talk about feelings.

our country whether the introduction of what is love, first find a model, analyzing and imitating innovation, e-commerce is no exception. Thus, the first successful model of e-commerce found AMAZON, which is a fundamental error, because she is also a turtle. Our e-commerce website has forgotten that we are not suitable for keeping turtles here. The success of AMAZON depends on the fund environment, the network foundation, the credit system and the delivery link, which are not created by AMAZON. While our ecommerce website does not have these conditions, so we can learn to learn e-commerce website, learn CXO, learn X2X, learn to burn, learned to publish monthly annual deficits do not blush. Why blush? Because we still have so many children in school, there are so many laid-off workers living difficulties The bigger mistake is that even AMAZON started out as a book only e-commerce, and our e-commerce websites are 20 big categories and hundreds of small ones. This is not in line with national characteristics, so it is doomed not to succeed. Even more ridiculous is that e-commerce sites should strive for ranking first, the portal for the first is to contend for it, your e-commerce sites do not pay close attention to do real business, grab that first, do what? Service first is the most important. complaining comes here.


Can not be contrary to the traditional industrial development and the development of electronic commerce law >

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

in a comedy reality show, Deng Ya Ping and her husband put on pajamas to practice table tennis in the program. Seeing Deng Ya Ping pick up the racket again, many viewers said that the memory of table tennis had been recalled.

‘s instant search has made Deng Ya Ping’s inspirational and tough public image come crashing down, and her every move can lead to controversy. Last year, Deng Ya Ping was appointed as adjunct professor of China University of Political Science and Law, even questioned on the network still refuse to take any payment for.

recently, the queen of tennis has a new action in the field of venture capital. According to Henan media reports, Deng Ya Ping team and Zhongyuan Asset Management Co., Ltd. established in Henan province Deng Ya Ping sports fund, the fund target size of 5 billion yuan, the first phase of scale 500 million yuan.